Shut down.

We are sorry to say that the Nancy Drew Newsletter will no longer be made.

As of now, the February issue is the last.

Also, due to primary resources, all activities will be canceled too.

Starting on March first.

We will still have the game cheats.

But the Face Book page and the Newsletter will be shut down permanently.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.


By Not Anonymous597

Nancy Drew TV

Most of you have watched the Nancy Drew movie, right?

Well, how about the TV shows from over the years?

Well, we’re going to post them here so you can watch them.

One of the shows every week.

This week’s show is from the 1995 series. Go under the page, Nancy Drew TV, 1995, and you can watch the first episode.

Welcome to the Callisto.

Have fun, and Stay Sleuthy!

By Not Anonymous597

It’s almost 2012!

It’s almost New Year’s.

And we’ve have a whole new year ahead of us. For example, a whole new look!

Log on January first to see the whole new look for the site!

Also, want more mysteries to solve?

No problem, every month, along with the newsletter, we will be posting a new mystery for you to solve! Starting February.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for the new year ahead.

Happy New Years. And stay Sleuthy!

By Not Anonymous597

Christmas surprises.

We’ve been planing something special for The December Issue,

1. A special surprise for December, especially for our fans.

2. A special Issue, especially for Christmas

3. Our own Alibi In Ashes Review!

We’ve played the game like five times and we figured, why not give our review on it. It’s perfect for Christmas as a gift for someone who loves Nancy Drew, or, to get someone hooked.

Check in December first, (eastern stander time) for our review on it, plus, our special Christmas surprise on Christmas day.

Stay Sleuthy. And Happy Thanks Giving. :)

By Not Anonymous597

How Many Games…..

I was going through my Nancy Drew games, trying to find out one to play after Alibi in Ashes, and while I was going through them, I was thinking of how many times I’ve actually played them, (I have a whole CD case full of them) Anyway, what’s your favorite Nancy Drew Game? Or better yet, your top 5, Here’s our list.

1. Alibi in Ashes.

2. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

3. Danger by Design

4. Phantom of Venice, (I love Scopa!)

5. Danger of Deception Island

So, what’s your top 5? Well, why don’t you tell us, comment your top 5 favorite games!

If you can’t decide that’s fine, there’s lots of them to choose from, 1-27, (Dossier and remastered)

Anyway, have a good week and stay sleuthy,


By Not Anonymous597

Nancy Drew Games Newsletter

November 2011

It’s November!

So, since its November, Alibi in Ashes has been out for almost a month now, right? Well how many of you have played it? I’m sure almost 100% of you played it, if not; you’re waiting for it to come out in the store, like I am. In fact, I’m bringing my camera with me to take a picture of me getting it. I’m weird like that.

So, how is everyone doing for the Movie Contest? Remember, due date is December 25th, if you didn’t start, get started!!

So far, we have got some great entries.

And we can’t wait to get yours.

Okay, so around the thirteenth of October, we have gotten almost over 40 hits those few days. Does everyone know why?

The Alibi in Ashes Walkthrough

Well, we finally got it a few weeks ago, so if you need help with your game, feel free to visit the site and look up what you need.

Stay Sleuthy!

Tomb of the Lost Queen

Okay, so if you haven’t played Alibi in Ashes yet, and heard everyone on the Her Interactive page about TLQ, well, it’s the new Nancy Drew game!

Tomb of the Lost Queen is the 26th installment of the Nancy Drew computer game series.

Nancy travels to Cairo Egypt with some archeologist in search of a legendary lost tomb of a famous Egyptian Queen.

It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to solve the case, and if you’re lucky, you will find the tomb of the lost queen.

Halloween, So last yesterday

Its official, Halloween was yesterday, so who were you for it? Nancy Drew? Bess Marvin? George Fayne? Or maybe Toto?

E-mail us who you dressed up as. We’d love to hear from you.

And, it’d be awesome to know what everyone else as, and get ideas for next year!

Have fun, Stay Sleuthy, and don’t eat too much candy.

Nancy Drew Movie Contest

So how is everyone doing with they’re Nancy Drew Movie? We’ve got a lot of entries so far, and we didn’t get yours yet, remember, Due date is December 25th, and the winner will be picked January 1rst.

To enter is easy, we just need,

1. Your Name.

2. Your age.

3. Your movie.

You must include everybody’s name of who was in the video, and if you win, you’re movie will be posted on the site! There will be five stars in order to win.

1. Awesomeness

2. Style,

3. Costumes

4. Script

5. Originality.

Get all five stars and you win!

The video must be at least 10 minutes long. Anything over an hour will be disqualified.

Have fun with it, and stay sleuthy!

Alibi in Ashes

So how many of you played it yet?

We just got it last Friday and it’s awesome, full of mystery (Of course) and intrigue.

As Nancy, once you’re arrested, you can’t leave the police station, of course, but when you call, Ned, George or Bess, you can hand the case to them and you’re that character.

Anyway, if you haven’t already bought this game, you should, it will be worth it.

And if you already have it, and need help, just go to the site, we have the cheats for it.

Have fun and Stay Sleuthy!

Need Help with your game?

No Problem just go to

— —

It has the latest on the newest games, pictures; game cheats so you can solve those hard puzzles.

Stay Sleuthy

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Have fun, and Stay Sleuthy

By Not Anonymous597

Tomb of the Lost Queen

Guess what the Newest Game installment of Nancy Drew/ Her Interactive?

Well Besides Alibi in Ashes of course. Although if you already played it, and beaten it, you know what I’m, talking about.

Tomb of The Lost Queen, #26 of the Nancy Drew PC series.

This time, Nancy travels to Cairo Egypt in search of the tomb of the legendary lost queen.

By Not Anonymous597

Guess what we got?

We now have the Alibi In Ashes Walk through!!

If you need help with your game, just go to the Nancy Drew  PC Game List.

or Click this link.

Alibi In Ashes :)

Hope you have fun, and Stay Sleuthy!



By Not Anonymous597

Pre-Orders start their Journey!

On October 10th is when Alibi in Ashes begins it’s journey, to your house!!

Unless you ordered the download, then you can download and start playing!

How many of you got the download? Or the Boxed set?

I myself prefer the box, you know, in case the site is down, or something. I’m not sure how it works. But I have all my games in a pop-corn box, and the actual games are in my CD case. (All in order of course, but almost filled up!) Where do you keep your games?

But, What do you think will happen in the game? Out of the suspects, who is the higher on your list? I think Alexei Markovic did it. If it really is him, I will be defiantly surprised, because I always have the bad guy wrong.

So Keep up your sleuthing and Stay Sleuthy!

By Not Anonymous597

Sonny Joon

You know in the Nancy Drew games, 6, 14, 18 and 24 Sonny Joon was there. But you never seen him, because He left like just before you came.

Well, I was thinking about it while I was playing “The Haunted Carousel,” I was talking to Elliot Chen, and that’s what I think Sonny looks like. And now, I’m playing “The Phantom Of Venice” when I was looking at Helena’s notes, I found Sonny Joon there. So now This is my Idea of him, (Roughly)

 Elliot Chen

 What I think Sonny Joon Looks like.

Tell me what you think.

Have fun and Stay Sleuthy!

By Not Anonymous597