Pre-Orders start their Journey!

On October 10th is when Alibi in Ashes begins it’s journey, to your house!!

Unless you ordered the download, then you can download and start playing!

How many of you got the download? Or the Boxed set?

I myself prefer the box, you know, in case the site is down, or something. I’m not sure how it works. But I have all my games in a pop-corn box, and the actual games are in my CD case. (All in order of course, but almost filled up!) Where do you keep your games?

But, What do you think will happen in the game? Out of the suspects, who is the higher on your list? I think Alexei Markovic did it. If it really is him, I will be defiantly surprised, because I always have the bad guy wrong.

So Keep up your sleuthing and Stay Sleuthy!

By Not Anonymous597

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