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October 2011

Alibi in Ashes

By Kaitlyn Leger

I know I already wrote an article about Alibi in Ashes two months ago, but this month, it comes out! Alibi in Ashes is Nancy’s 25th case by Her Interactive. Nancy is goes home after solving her latest case in Germany, the Captive’s Curse. I finished playing it last month and it was awesome.

If you didn’t play Alibi in Ashes yet, what do you think will happen? After Nancy is accused of burning down town hall?


Did you all see the teaser trailer for it? If not just go to the website and its set up there. Pre-Orders end in October.

Have fun and Stay Sleuthy.

Creative Movie Contest

Since this is our Third issue, we thought we’d make it special. Every 3 issues, we are going to have a movie contest. The person with the best Nancy Drew Movie wins. Their Video will be posted on the site, for everyone to see.


The Video must be at least 30 minutes long, and maximum, 45.

You must put everybody’s name in the video as of who played that character.

It must be Original, and Not from the Nancy Drew Movie.

All Videos received will be watched and replies will be made.

Due Date, for all videos is November 30.

We will still have the creative writing contest, so don’t worry.

Remember to have Fun and Stay Sleuthy.


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It has the latest on the newest games, pictures; game cheats so you can solve those hard puzzles.


Stay Sleuthy

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Have fun, and Stay Sleuthy


Nancy Drew: The Movie


How many of you have seen Nancy Drew?

The one with Emma Roberts in it?

I have watched it so many times that some parts of the movie I can say what their lines are, at the same time. It drives everyone crazy when I do that.

My sister only watches it when I’m not watching it, or doing something else.

What do you do when you watch it?

Email us and tell us what you do, you might even be in next month’s newsletter.

Have fun and Stay Sleuthy.

By Not Anonymous597

Guess What!!!

Alibi in Ashes came out Yesterday!!

How many of you Pre-ordered it already?

Comment if your excited about it, like me.

I can’t wait for it to show up. :D

Stay Sleuthy,  —0

By Not Anonymous597


We have reached 1,000 views,

Thank you to everyone that helped, and next month, we are having a Nancy Drew Movie Contest!!

The rules are simple, and if you win, your movie will be posted on the site, with your own page!

Be sure to include everyone who was in the video, and have fun.

When you’re done, send it in to

Don’t forget to have fun, and Stay Sleuthy!!

Due Date: December 25th 2011

By Not Anonymous597

The date was moved!

Instead of releasing Alibi In Ashes pre-order date, tomorrow, it will be released on the 28th.

Apparently there was some bugs found, and Her Interactive needed to fix them before releasing the game.

So now, the pre-order date is September 28th, 2011, at 5:oo pm.

Have fun, and Stay Sleuhty.


By Not Anonymous597

Special 1000 hits October

We almost have 1000 hits.

For October, if we get the last 70, we will have a Nancy Drew Movie Contest.

Make your own Nancy Drew short film.

Grab some paper, a pencil and get writing. Then when your done, film it and send it to us.

If you win, your video mystery will be posted on the site.

1 week left. Can we make it to 1000?

Have fun and Stay Sleuthy!

By Not Anonymous597

Creative Writing Contest

New Deadline for the creative writing contest.

Due Date: This Saturday

Write a Nancy Drew story about anything at all. And you could win!

It must be at least 100 words or more. And you must include all the names of everybody who helped you write it.

Don’t forget to give us your Name and Age. And your story could be in October’s Issue!

plus also, if you win, you get to pick the next theme!

When you are finished your story send it in at

Have Fun, and Stay Sleuthy! :)

By Not Anonymous597

12 days left!!

12 days left till alibi in ashes comes out. I can hardly wait for it. I’m planning to get the bonus one. Pre-ordering starts on the 26th of September. Its the 25th edition of the Nancy Drew Games, which makes it very special.

It’s marked on my calendar, and I’ve been waiting for WEEKS for it to come out.

Comment if you can’t wait either.

What do you think will happen in the game?

Have fun and Stay Sleuthy! d-_-b

By Not Anonymous597