I know you like watching the trailers of the games you like/want over and over, I know I do!

here’s a list.

1.secrets can kill 

2.Stay Tuned For Danger

3. Message in a Haunted Mansion

4. Treasure in a Royal Tower

5. The Final Scene

6. The Secret of the Scarlet Hand

7. The Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

8. The Haunted Carousel

9. Danger on Deception Island 

10.  Secret of Shadow Ranch

11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

12. Secret of the old Clock

13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

14. Danger By Design 

15. The Creature of Kapu Cave

16.The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

17. Legend of the Crystal Skull

18. The Phantom of Venice

19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy

20. Ransom of the Seven Ships

21.Warnings at Waverly Academy

22. Trail of the Twister

23. Shadow at the Water’s Edge

24. The Captive’s Curse

25. Alibi in Ashes



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